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The two most incredible structures known, to date, I view as being 1JB0.pdb (Photosystem I from cyanobacteria) and 3WU2.pdb [or 4YUU.pdb for red algae] (Photosystem II, also from cyanobacteria), followed by (with a closely related .pdb code by coincidence) 1JBO.pdb (a capital 'O'). Click the above image to find out more about The Photosynthetic Electron Transport Chain (PETC) in eukaryotes.

From my own co-authored work, I am showcasing (to be completed as capacity permits) the following structures involved in various organisms' PETCs :
1. The
Light harvesting II - Photosystem II (LHCII-PSII) supercomplex of spinach
Iron-stress induced (isiA-PSI) supercomplexes from cyanobacteria
C-phycocyanin from a thermophilic cyanobacterium
4. Lhcr-PSI super complexes from red algae
5. The PSII-associated protease, FtsH, of the cyanobacterium

A whole
Gallery of images..!

Supercomplexes! Can you spot the odd one out?*
Clockwise from bottom left: spinach LHCII-PSII, Prochlorococcus Pcb-PSII, Chlamydomonas LHCI-PSI, C-phycocyanin chromophore*, Prochloron Pcb-PSII. In the centre: The isiA (18 copies of) - PSI (trimer) supercomplex:
Legacy structures
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All complexes
            Photosystem II           Photosystem I              Cyt b6f                    ATP synthase             Kok cycle  

3D Chlamy.               LHCI-PSI state transitions                         LHCII-PSII model      A.marina Pcb-PSII     AFM/SPIA/grana     Pcb-PSII Prochloron

 3D LHC-PSII from spinach                       Computer Purification 3D cutaways             isiA-PSII                  Latro-insectotoxin     PSPA 2D

isiA-PSI:                   2D Chls                     3D modelling            Prochloro-isiA            Proc.side view       Phage Shock Prot.A  C-PC 1.45 Å X-ray map

C-phycocyanin crystals   C-PC hexamer             D1 protein                     D2                          CP47                         CP43                 PSII Redox

Here is a glimpse of the wonderful Photosystem I trimer (℅ Norbert Krauss) below ->