Current administrative duties & Staff Training

Key Academic aiming to enhance SBCS (Biology) Employability Academic for 800+ Students and Staff (2012-)
QMUL NanoVision imaging centre: Biological TEM users management group member (2007-)

Other administrative duties in support of his academic colleagues have included:
SBCS IT committee Academic Staff representative 2007-2008
At Imperial College, I supported staff and students in the following ways:
1. Faculty Safety committee Divisional Representative 2005-2007
2. GM-safety (GMSC8a) committee Divisional Representative 2005-2007
3. Divisional Seminar series organiser 2005-2007
Attended training courses - to broaden knowledge and bolster a strong workplace ethic:
8. Health and Safety management role of the Academic Supervisor (2006)
7. Introduction to Biological Safety incl. Modules 1 & 3 (refresher 2005)
6. Managing Academic & Research Staff (2004)
5. Recruitment & Selection (2003)
4. Postgraduate demonstration training (3 day course)
3. Fire Safety (Hall of Residence grade; extinguishing different fires; general planning)
2. Emergency (First-aid) Attendant (valid to 1995)
1. Centrifuge & General laboratory safety (1993-1997; several courses)
Subwarden of an Imperial College Hall of Residence (living on-site 1993-1998):
Advised and provided pastoral care to 180 different students each academic year (and summer holidays) for five years, being on call 24/7 up to three times per week. During this time I extinguished several fires, aided numerous ill students, including several emergency visits to casualty.
Towards the end of my tenure, I was co-opted by the Hall Warden to attend several College committees for future Residence planning and Health & Safety.
Postgraduate student representative on the Departmental Safety & Radiation committee (1994-1996).
Academic and Departmental student representative for my undergraduate year (1990-1992). Both involving quite a number of committees and weekly chairmanship, including co-organisation of Imperial College's Life Sci. Ball (150 guests; 1992). Given the rare honour of being awarded two Full sets of Social Colours at the same ceremony - 1993.