Public Awareness of Science

As part of my previous Royal Society University Research Fellowship award and any funding by the UK government Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), the award holder is able to devote time to the "public awareness of science". The following initiatives have been undertaken:

National Science Week, March 2016. Led a school assembly and gave science prizes for various projects.
Providing scientific advice, competition prizes, to two local schools; open invites for teachers to view my laboratory. Engagement in National Science Week.
Revision of, and contribution to, new textbooks for students pursuing the International Baccalaureate (Hodder & Stoughton, ed. C. Talbot, 3rd edition).

2010-2012 Public engagement evening: Science, microscopy & photosynthesis. March 5th. 4.30-7pm.
Completely revised website, with blogging and social-networking tools.
Revised several times, plus contributed to several textbooks / conference material/booklets. Maintained as 'public domain’; free downloads.

2007-2009 Instigation and copious revisions to the website ( and early designs of to showcase this particular science, co-designing specific clickable images and linking them to text-based descriptions of the photosynthetic electron chain, with click-through links for each complex, subunits and co-factors. Christmas Photosynthesis meeting organisation at Queen Mary.

Organisation of an 'open' discussion meeting (350 delegates) at the Royal Society (several days, July 2007).

As the group was in 6 months temporary accommodation (twice) during periods of building refurbishment, this proved problematic for running 'open days', hence an initiative was organised with Imperial College's Inspire scheme ( Several afternoons in June and December were organised for teacher-training (Physics), including hands-on transmission electron microscopy and the value of image-processing techniques. Students from Ilford and Hackney attended another self-run course. A number of schools participate in the Inspire scheme, and several sessions benefited more Yr 12 A/S level students than was previously possible (given 'dry' computing lab refurbishment).

For a second year, an open day was organised for sixteen Yr 12 biology students from The Hemel Hempstead School re: Biology A/S level 'Special Activities'. A pupil & teacher's kit was assembled for the activities. Monday 28th June.

Two open days in June were organised for Year 12 biology students from The Hemel Hempstead School in order to enthuse them with Science, show them a working University research group, 'science in progress' & discuss University life in general.

An article appeared in 'Pour La Science', the French equivalent of Scientific American.

Nield Group 'open days’, 2003-2006, example: images
All students & staff received a 'goody' souvenir bag.


ESF Summer School - single particle analysis demonstrations.