Images of photosynthetic complexes (see also: Gallery), updated images (2011)
Cartoon model: Structures of the protein complexes involved in the Z-scheme of photosynthesis

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Photosystem II (PSII): Reference: Nield, J. (1997) Ph.D. Thesis, University of London, UK.

A number of key PDB files ( ) should be on the list for those interested in photosystem reaction centres:
3ARC.pdb (Umena et al., 2011) for PSII,
1Q90.pdb (Stroebel et al., 2003) for Cytochrome b6f,
1JB0.pdb (Jordan et al. 2001) for PSI,
2o01.pdb (Amunts et al., 2007) for LHCI-PSI,
1Qo1.pdb for ATP synthase (Walker & co-workers).

Use the Swiss PDB viewer or PyMol to enjoy.

Here is a glimpse of the wonderful Photosystem I trimer (℅ Norbert Krauss) below ->